Our Managed Print Services (MPS) reduce downtime and improve productivity, maximising savings in time and money whilst monitoring the status of all devices in your network.

Guide to Managed Print Services

Our Managed Print Services Brochure explores the benefits of working with an MPS provider and what you should look for when selecting your partner. Uncover the hidden costs associated with devices that include copiers, printers, scanners and faxes, as well as identifying cost-saving opportunities throughout your entire organisation, by outsourcing your printing services.

Managed Print Services benefits

Customers regularly report the following benefits when working with TEC Business Group as their MPS provider:

  • A reduction in print costs and waste 
    Use the right software to easily manage print assets, collect usage data by location and device, identify inefficiency and implement cost recovery strategies.

  • Greater flexibility 
    The mobile workforce is expanding, and along with it, an increasing demand to solve the challenges associated with printing from mobile devices. Give your flexible workforce the freedom to print from devices securely or outside the corporate firewall.

  • The data you need at your fingertips 
    Get what’s needed to hold users accountable for what they print, implement rules-based printing (for example, always print Word documents double-sided), and recover print and copy costs through tracking and billing.

  • Increased security across the print infrastructure 
    Ensure users confirm their identity via a PIN, card authentication or biometrics. Fix bugs and patch security flaws without the users needing to do anything at all, and communicate operational data over secure connections.

  • Enhanced and custom workflows 
    Any provided hardware or software is a meaningful link in the chain and not simply more devices to print more paper on.

  • Versatile document management facilities 
    Scan straight into the cloud, send to individual or group email addresses or simply ensure everything is saved where it should be.

  • Excellent support 
    We ensure that technology is fully integrated and seamlessly streamlined.

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