Our complete range of Toshiba e-STUDIO Colour and Monochrome Multifunction Printers are fast, reliable and have the capability to produce what you need when you need it.

Toshiba e-STUDIO7516AC Series

Toshiba 65-75 Page Colour MFP
High-end A3 multifunctional printers, delivering advanced functionality and impeccable colour quality. Perfect for businesses wanting to make an impact.

Toshiba’s high-end A3 colour line-up has an ultra-modern look and houses the latest technology with brilliant print quality, delivered at a speed of up to 75 pages per minute in colour as well as up to 85 pages per minute in monochrome.

The Toshiba e-STUDIO7516AC series is configurable to provide tailored and cost-effective solutions. Our Toshiba multifunction printers ensure that businesses are managing their information most effectively while helping them to meet their green objectives.

Toshiba e-STUDIO5015AC Series

Toshiba 25-50 Page Colour MFP

Superior document workflows with impressive colour output and functionality to meet the most demanding requirements.

Success in today’s business world requires a great amount of flexibility and the possibility to access information and data anytime from anywhere. The e-STUDIO5015AC series is ready for this. Flexible integration with third-party solutions applications, an embedded web browser and the support of cloud and mobile printing are just some of the features, which will enhance your efficiency and boost your productivity.

As each company has different ways of storing and sharing data, the colour systems can be equipped with apps, which meet your individual requirements or preferences. Whether you wish to connect to cloud services or local applications, we have the solution.

A3 colour systems impress with an outstanding document output at a speed of up to 50 pages per minute. Enhance your efficiency with tailor-made workflows, easily accessible via the fully customisable user interface.

Toshiba e-STUDIO2010AC/2510AC Series

Toshiba 20-25 Page Colour MFP

High-end technology in an entry-level colour system. Perfect for small and medium workgroups.

Toshiba’s advanced e-BRIDGE Next technology ensures that our e-STUDIO2010AC/2510AC deliver excellent value for money. Ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses these entry-level colour models are true all-rounders which create impeccable documents. Packed with industry-leading technology and innovations designed to help workgroups connect, integrate, simplify and do even more. The systems easily integrate into existing IT infrastructures, are fully customisable and solutions ready, thanks to its open platform architecture.

These systems are capable of cloud and mobile printing. AirPrint and Mopria Print Service support and address the printing needs of mobile device users, while Wi-Fi direct simplifies access to the MFP. Toshiba’s exclusive e-BRIDGE Print & Capture application enables additional printing features, and gives users the ability to scan documents back to their tablets or smart phones. In addition, with Google Cloud Print, you can securely print over the web from anywhere, anytime to an e-STUDIO2510AC series MFP.

The e-STUDIO2010AC/2510AC can be equipped with apps to enhance efficiency. When the apps are combined with our embedded OCR feature, documents can be scanned as Microsoft Word and other popular office formats.

Toshiba e-STUDIO8518A Series

Toshiba 85 Page Monochrome MFP


High-end A3 monochrome multifunctional printers for enhanced productivity.

Toshiba’s high-end A3 monochrome line-up looks great. You’ll also find innovative technology and crisp, clean monochrome output delivered at up to 85 pages per minute with an impressive 6,020-sheet maximum capacity.

The Toshiba e-STUDIO8518A series is configurable to provide tailored and cost-effective solutions. Toshiba devices ensure that businesses are managing their information in the most effective way while helping them to meet their green objectives.

Toshiba e-STUDIO5018A Series

Toshiba 25-50 Page Monochrome MFP

A productive all-rounder. Fast and efficient for demanding businesses.

The Toshiba e-STUDIO5018A series delivers impressive, high-quality monochrome document output. All five multifunction printers in the series come with reliable security features and help enhance your productivity, be more efficient and streamline your workflows.

Today’s world requires successful businesses to have access to data and information even when on the move. The e-STUDIO5018A series easily integrates into cloud and mobile workflows, as well as third-party solutions.

Our selection of embedded apps acknowledges the individual requirements of each business and gives you the flexibility to connect to the cloud-based application of your choice

Toshiba e-STUDIO5008LP Series

Toshiba 50 Page Hybrid MFP

The world’s first monochrome multifunction systems with erasable print function.

The Toshiba e-STUDIO5008LP series is the world’s first monochrome multifunction systems with erasable print function.

Toshiba’s hybrid technology combines conventional printing with erasable printing allowing you to reuse paper over and over again. One single device easily connects, integrates and simplifies your workflows and also helps to save valuable resources. Monochrome printing has never been this green.

Toshiba e-STUDIO330AC/400AC Series

Feature-rich, mid-range A4 colour MFPs with advanced e-BRIDGE technology. One single device easily connects, integrates, and streamlines your workflows.

The new e-STUDIO400AC series are feature-rich, mid-range A4 colour MFPs with advanced e-BRIDGE technology. Designed to connect workgroups, they enhance the user experience with an intuitive app driven interface that simplifies processes, making document handling more efficient. Scalable, customisable and secure, these systems support cloud and mobile printing to boost your productivity.  One single device easily connects, integrates, and streamlines your workflows.

The fully customisable multi-touch colour screen is easy to navigate. Increase user efficiency by streamlining multi-step processes into one-touch functions. Generate a consistent look & feel with your corporate design by changing background images, font sizes and colour themes.

Extremely powerful Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) operates with a scan speed of up to 116 images per minute, scanning both sides of the page in a single pass. It even offers a maximum paper capacity of 100 sheets for large document capture workflow.

Convert hard copies into searchable PDFs and editable Microsoft Office documents. Let Toshiba’s unique optional Zone OCR do the document sorting with up to three zones of texts, numbers and barcodes that can be recognised per scanned document. Automatically sort using this information or even use it to create folder and file names. Furthermore, you can even pre-set templates for specific document types.

Easily access cloud storage locations by adding e-BRIDGE Plus apps such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc. Why not print straight from your mobile device with AirPrint & Mopria Print Service?

The Secure Hard Disk Drive with 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption prohibits unauthorised access to the data, making sure what’s yours, stays yours.

Integrated barcode generator feature supports barcode printing directly from ERP systems such as SAP with no additional middleware required.

Enhanced scan preview means you can directly modify the scanned document at the screen of the MFP., change the page order, rotate, delete or insert sheets before saving, sorting or sending your scanned documents.

Toshiba e-STUDIO338CS/388CS Series

Compact A4 multifunctional devices offering remarkable image quality print after print.

Challenging print jobs can be fulfilled, thanks to a clever range of options and solutions. A maximum paper capacity of 1,450 sheets ensures large print jobs run with ease. The optional Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) allows businesses to digitise documents for easy storage and retrieval from the cloud, with its speedy processing time of up to 94 images per minute.

The e-STUDIO338CS/388CS is an asset to any business or workgroup that requires productivity, reliability and ease of use. These compact A4 multifunctional devices offer remarkable image quality print after print.

The tiltable, colour touch screen and keypad offer a straight-forward way to access all the device‘s functions and features. An optional card reader is available to add an extra layer of security, giving you full control over who has access to sensitive business data.

Toshiba e-STUDIO478S Series

An all-in-one device that covers the needs of modern businesses, packed with features to improve your efficiency.

If you need to create professional looking monochrome documents, the e-STUDIO478S is the perfect multifunction system for you. It covers all the needs of businesses and comes with many features which will make your daily work more efficient. Additionaly, the device will integrate easily into your cloud and mobile workflows

With a paper capacity of up to 2,300 sheets. it will not let you down evem when you need to handle large print jobs. High-quality document output is guaranteed with a maximum resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. You can expect your documents to have crystal-clear images, fonts and graphics.

Sustainability is embedded in our corporate philosophy and we put the environment as a priority in all our business activities. The e-STUDIO478s complies with the highest environmental standards with built-in features that can help save valuable resources.

Toshiba e-STUDIO409S/448S Series

Powerful multifunctional systems packed full with features to improve your workflows and boost your efficiency.

If you are looking for a powerful multifunction system packed with features, search no more. The e-STUDIO409S/448S are true all-rounders that will boost your efficiency. Via the touch screen, you can easily access all functions and apps, which are installed on the systems.

With print speeds up to of 40 pages per minute and a maximum paper capacity of 900 sheets respectively, ensures the e-STUDIO409S/448S cover the needs of small and medium-sized companies and workgroups. Thanks to flexible connectivity and the support of mobile printing the devices excel in modern business environments and workflows. With security issues being more and more relevant in today’s world, we have made sure to implement various security features to prevent unauthorised access to the systems and allow you to protect your documents.

To ensure an optimised power consumption and reduce the impact your business has on the environment, the e-STUDIO409S/448S offers various print and energy-save settings. These will help you save valuable resources and money.

Toshiba e-STUDIO2829A Series

Benefit from the outstanding reliability and durability of these versatile systems.

The versatile monochrome systems e-STUDIO2329A/2829A offer print, colour scan, and copy with the option to add fax functionality. They meet all demands of a modern office environment including printing from and scan to mobile devices.

With an output speed of 23 or 28 pages per minute and up to five different paper sources these models are capable of supporting an entire workgroup. The total paper capacity of up to 1,700 sheets for A5 to A3 formats ensures smooth operation without the need to constantly refill paper trays.

Both systems can easily be integrated into existing networks. The standard network capability can be extended with the optional Wireless LAN module, for greater flexibility. Scan to USB, Scan to E-Mail and Scan to Folder enable you to easily share and manage your electronic documents.

Toshiba e-STUDIO2823AM Series

Efficient, productive and highly reliable top-performers.

These compact A3 systems with mono printing and copying capabilities are equipped with high resolution colour scanning. The e-STUDIO2323AM/2823AM cover the basic needs of modern businesses, offering a mono print speed of up to 23/28 pages per minute.

Intuitively designed devices that are easy to use and allow for seamless integration with your systems and workflows. Designed to meet the highest environmental standards, both models help save valuable resources.

Toshiba e-STUDIO2822AM/2822AF Series

Small, robust and reliable these devices are suitable for many business environments – print, scan and copy in A3 on a system with an A4 footprint.

Space is often limited and printing solutions need to be extremely flexible for all the different documents that are needed. Printing in A4 format is the standard, in many cases there are tasks that require A3 printing, scanning and copying. Companies simply do not have the space for a conventional A3 format multifunction system. Toshiba have developed the e-STUDIO2822AM and e-STUDIO2822AF devices which offer an A4 footprint with A3 functionality

With a print speed of 28 pages per minute, their robustness and compact size, they fit into many work environments like start-up enterprises, back offices, or warehouses.