Our solutions seamlessly integrate into your existing IT infrastructure, helping you to save time and money whilst improving efficiencies.

Managed Print Services

Handling a fleet of printers and optimising the usage of each system requires real-time information on what’s happening where. We can help you stay on top of things by monitoring the status of all systems in your network, reducing downtime and maximising savings in time and money.

Network Printers reporting Secure Information through Firewalls and Cloud to Data Centre

Process Optimisation

Internal processes can often be complex and department specific. They can entrench your skilled workers in administration, grow the operational cost base and consume hours of time, which could otherwise be spent on front line activity.

We can deploy artificial intelligence to ensure that your business processes stay optimised as you scale. Every interaction feeds intelligence to your business, and by introducing intelligent and automated processes to everyday document workflow activities enhances operational effectiveness, saves businesses time, resources and money. What’s more, by automating workflows with recognition technology and metadata, organisational processes are enhanced and the retrieval of documents becomes secure, structured and cost-effective.

Helping you to automate as much of your repetitive workload as possible, in a compliant and auditable way, is key, and where we can assist. Through the implementation of advanced solutions, you will stay one-step ahead of the rest.

  • Automate processes
  • Leverage big data
  • Enhance business analytics
  • Simplify complex tasks
  • Personalise communications
  • Improve customer experience
  • Inform business decisions
  • Scale at pace

Data Capture & OCR

By investing time and effort into understanding your workflows, we can identify the right solution to enable your business documents to be captured intelligently as structured data through an automated process.

The use of a remote monitoring agent that collects data from the server and is monitored 24/7 by a dedicated team will allow you to proactively deal with potential issues rather than lose valuable up time.

Managed Print Services benefits more than reduced printing and copying costs

  • A reduction in print costs and waste – use the right software to easily manage print assets, collect usage data by location and device, identify inefficiency and implement cost recovery strategies.
  • Greater flexibility – the mobile workforce is expanding, and along with it, an increasing demand to solve the challenges associated with printing from mobile devices. Give your flexible workforce the freedom to print from devices securely or outside the corporate firewall.
  • The data you need at your fingertips – get what’s needed to hold users accountable for what they print, implement rules-based printing (for example, always print Word documents double-sided), and recover print and copy costs through tracking and billing.
  • Increased security across the print infrastructure – ensure users confirm their identity via a PIN, card authentication or biometrics. Fix bugs and patch security flaws without the users needing to do anything at all, and communicate operational data over secure connections.
  • Enhanced and custom workflows – any provided hardware or software is a meaningful link in the chain and not simply more devices to print more paper on.
  • Versatile document management facilities – scan straight into the cloud, send to individual or group email addresses or simply ensure everything is saved where it should be.
  • Excellent support – we ensure that our technology is fully integrated and streamlined.

Barcode & Label Software

Our Barcode and Label Software enhances your Toshiba label printer and allows you to create and print any type of professional label. Our software helps improve safety, security efficiency and compliance across a wide range of applications.

Embedded Apps

With Toshiba e-BRIDGE Plus technology, you can add new features and enhancements as easily as you would expect from your smartphone. Productive, intuitive and always up to date, these apps will further improve your document handling.

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Plus technology is pure plug & play, allowing you to seamlessly integrate these clever apps into the modern and intuitive user interface of all our e-BRIDGE systems. Say goodbye to external servers and cumbersome configurations and simplify complicated and frequently used operations – simply install and immediately enjoy the many benefits of the innovative PLUS apps.