We supply a range of OEM printer consumables for most leading brands. We also provide a range of thermal transfer ribbons and labels.

We supply Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) consumables, toner and ink cartridges, ensuring that every one of our customers products benefits from maximum productivity, reliability and output quality. Genuine (OEM) consumables also increase the life expectancy of the product, reducing the overall cost of ownership for our customers.

There will undoubtedly be cheaper compatible consumables in the marketplace. In printing, inferior quality toner and ink cartridges will cost more in the longer term, wearing down and causing damage to other parts and ultimately reducing the reliability, productivity and output quality of the equipment.

Black and Colour Toners illustrated within a Toshiba Printer

Cartridge Recycling

To minimise the environmental impact of our printer supplies, we offer customers a Cartridge Recycling Scheme, designed for the return and recycling of toner cartridges, ink tanks and waste toner containers in accordance with environmental regulations. To learn more, please visit our Sustainability page. 

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Printer Ribbons

Our Toshiba printer ribbons are available in various grades to suit virtually any application in every market. From short-term label printing and RFID tags to highly specialised identification techniques using advanced resin products.

Toshiba Black and Coloured Thermal Ribbons

Our range of wax ribbons are designed to meet the varied and demanding standards of the current labelling industry. From standard box end labelling to applications that demand a superior smudge resistance, the premium grade wax will print onto a wide range of label stocks, from uncoated to high gloss papers and synthetics, providing clear, sharp printed images of text and barcodes.

  • Excellent multi-receptor compatibility
  • Good sensitivity and low energy
  • Sharper printed images with good levels of blackness
Resin-Enhanced Wax

Offering excellent print density with superior mechanical and smudge resistance this premium quality has a back coating formula that offers unparalleled print head protection, more than 10 times the industry standard. By combining the benefits of high performance and speed, this quality will suit many applications that would ordinarily need a more costly wax resin product. Ideal for swing tags, tickets and all general label printing.

  • Excellent smudge resistance
  • Superior print density
  • High speed printing at low temperatures
  • Unparalleled print head protection
Wax Resin

The wax resin formulations offer the perfect solution for quality label printing. It is the ideal choice for all retail labelling, apparel, swing tags, outdoor applications or any print job that needs a good level of quality printed information. Toshiba wax resin formulations will withstand extremes of weather conditions making them ideal for garden centres or builder’s yards. The ink formula offers very good levels of mechanical and solvent resistance and performs well on a wide range of synthetic materials, and as with all Toshiba ribbon qualities, produce sharp and clear printed images and barcodes.

  • Prints at low temperatures
  • High durability with super solvent resistance
  • UL recognised
  • Heat resistance of up to 170ºC
  • Direct food contact approved
Premium Wax Resin

Our premium wax resin qualities offer the same levels of excellence as our standard wax resin but with added smudge, mechanical and solvent resistance. Designed for applications that require “that little extra” it is a suitable alternative to a more costly full resin, if the application is not quite so demanding. Ideal for pharmaceutical and manufacturing.

  • Excellent sensitivity and receptor
  • Multi-compatibility
  • Exceptional print quality ay high-speed
  • High resistance to smudge

Our standard resin qualities are designed to cover all harsh environmental conditions and applications. Certified to UL and BS5609 standards they are used in chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive and electrical industries offering high levels of resistance to heat, solvents, scratching, smudging and some detergents. Compatible with most synthetic PE, PP, PET materials and offering exceptional print head protection.

  • High durability with super solvent resistance
  • UL recognised
  • Heat resistance of up to 180ºC/200ºC
  • Direct food contact approved
  • BS5609 approved (Marine immersion)
Premium Resin

As with our standard resin range these premium qualities can offer extra resistance to heat (the printed image will withstand temperatures up to 250ºC), solvents, unleaded petrol, brake fluid or strong industrial detergents and bleaching. Suited to a wide range of synthetic material, high gloss and matt coated papers and as with all Toshiba ribbon qualities, the back coating will offer exceptional print head protection.

  • Superior mechanical and scratch resistance
  • Excellent resistance to solvents and high temperature
  • Excellent printing quality on textile material
  • Withstanding industrial dry cleaning and ironing

Our printer ribbons are also designed to improve printing efficiency, while at the same time reducing packaging waste and minimising delivery and transportation costs. This not only saves you money but also helps create a greener tomorrow.