As part of our philosophy, we take our environmental responsibility seriously and help our customers understand how they can reduce their own environmental impact.

Sustainable Business

We live on a planet with limited resources which includes the ability of our environment to deal with pollution. If resources are limited and emissions need to be avoided, then growth cannot remain unlimited. The impending global warming and its consequences force all of us in industry, politics and society in general to act.

With this in mind, we take measures to conserve energy and resources and reduce the burden on the environment. At the same time we understand the needs of our customers. Therefore, we make sure that our products and solutions not only have an ecological benefit, but also impact the economy and efficiency of businesses.

On this page you will find some of our products, solutions and services which will help your organisation be a part of a greener tomorrow.

Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme

Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme Logo
What is the Carbon Zero scheme?

Back in 2009, Toshiba took an active step to help the environment. Through the Carbon Zero Scheme Toshiba found a way to reduce its impact on the global climate.

They introduced the concept of carbon offsetting. This is a way to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by balancing or cancelling out these gases. Toshiba achieved this by setting up environmental projects around the world; essentially putting back into the earth what is taken out.

What projects does the Carbon Zero scheme support?

The projects set up as part of the Carbon Zero scheme aim to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions produced through the creation and delivery of Toshiba devices.

Take a look at just three of the projects below:

• In Kenya, one project provides energy efficient stoves. The stoves produce 50% reduction in the need for firewood and carbon emission is reduced

• In Uganda, a project rehabilitates boreholes. This restores a safe, clean source of drinking water for the community, reducing the need to boil the water. This too saves the unnecessary creation of carbon emissions.

• In Brazil, a rain forest protection project is in place providing sustainable forestry management. This ensures that thousands of animals’ natural habitats are protected

How has the Carbon Zero scheme helped?

Between 2009 and 2015, the Carbon Zero scheme has had a total carbon offset of 430,150 tonnes of CO2. This is equivalent to driving around the earth’s circumference 56,121 times, or 127,232 return flights from Dusseldorf to Tokyo.

It is important to realise, these projects have a social and economic impact. Across the world, the projects provide jobs for local people, helping all generations of the community, improving their health for years to come. Building a better future for the communities involved.

How the Carbon Zero Scheme can help your business?

You will be playing an active part in helping the environment by investing in products that are involved in Toshiba’s Carbon Zero Scheme, without compromising on product quality or performance. Our Toshiba Multifunction Printers and other products that have been carbon offset will be supplied with the Carbon Zero logo.

Solutions & Services

Streamlining your information and document workflows not only helps you be more effective, you also save valuable resources. As a result, lower costs for you and greener tomorrow for us all. We offer a large range of Solutions which helps you achieve this or you can take advantage of our Managed Print Service to reveal hidden potential savings. Whatever you plan to do, you can be assured that you have a trusted partner at your side.

Eco-Box Toner Recycling Scheme

Green Recycling Logo

We continue to take our role in preserving the environment very seriously and encourage our customers to do the same. To help minimise the impact of our printer supplies, we offer our Eco-Box Toner Recycling Scheme, designed for the return and recycling of empty toner cartridges and waste toner boxes. Each Eco-Box can hold approximately 20 used toner cartridges.

Your Eco-Box will be collected by our registered carrier and the waste toner will be recycled in accordance with environmental regulations. The toner particles can be reused to help in the production of paint or as a colouring agent in aggregates. The empty toner cartridges are used again or sent off to make other plastic products. All materials that are returned are recycled and/or reused. None of the waste ends up in a landfill.

Barcode & Label Printers

Our Toshiba DB-EA4D operates with two thermal heads to simultaneously print on both sides of a direct thermal label. This can reduce the total cost of e.g. a typical shipping label process as the packing list can be printed on the back of the label. This barcode system improves effectiveness, efficiency and the environmental impact of your operation.

Toshiba Hybrid MFP

Toshiba A3 Multifunction Hybrid Printer

Our Toshiba Hybrid MFP provides a great solution for companies who want to be ecological and remain economical and efficient. This is an innovative multifunction print device (MFP) which allows you to reuse your standard office paper. Toshiba’s Hybrid MFP prints in regular black as well as in erasable blue. Toshiba’s erasable blue toner allows you to reuse the paper you have printed on, so that you can use less paper, without having to print less. reducing your company’s footprint and helping you save money.

Save resources: paper savings of up to 80%

Assuming that you are printing 5,000 pages per month, you will have used no less than 300.000 sheets of paper in five years. A very considerable pile of about 30 meters in height and approximately 1.5 tonnes in weight. But when reusing your paper five times you can save 80% of your today’s consumption. In other words: The same amount of paper which you would usually use in only one year, will now last for five years.