Our print management solutions can help organisations improve their efficiency, productivity and information security.
This is typically achieved by monitoring usage, improving workflows and reducing printing costs.

PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF is an enterprise software solution which allows you to easily manage your print assets, collect usage data by location and device, identify inefficiency and implement cost recovery and allocation strategies to maximise your system productivity and return on investment.

PaperCut MF also adapts to the size of your network. The modern design and architecture of the software provide full scalability. So it does not make a difference if your network consists of a single server and has only a few users or whether a multi-server network with a large number of users – PaperCut MF adapts to your needs.

  • Control account, bill or charge every copy, print, scan and fax with ease
  • Manage copiers, printers and users from a modern web interface
  • Track environmental savings and benefits from the e-STUDIO RD30 eraser unit
  • Report usage and costs by page, by user, cost centre/department, device and function
  • Access devices via a log-in or ID/Access card
  • Enforce responsible use print policies, via applied rules, limits and auto-notifications
  • Secure confidential documents and release anywhere via Find Me print

Reducing printing levels by changing a user’s printing behaviour is one of the main aims of PaperCut, and by highlighting environmental aspects of their activities can help modify their behaviour.

Environmental impact counters are shown to users when logging into the user web interface. Administrators can also view the impact of users or printers via the details pages in the admin interface.

The environmental impact counters may also be displayed in other locations, such as the sidebar in Windows Vista, or on an intranet page using the web widgets.


EveryonePrint is the perfect fit for any business of any size, where users need secure mobile printing from phones, tablets and laptops.

With a greatly expanding workforce of mobile workers, there’s an increasing demand to solve the challenges of printing from mobile devices within business infrastructure or outside the corporate firewall. EveryonePrint is a feature-rich solution to solve mobile print needs for any business, for a few employees to many thousands.

  • Mobile print via email, web and universal driver
  • Supports smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Integrates with cost recovery systems to capture usage by user
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Enterprise level security

OL Connect

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The OLTM Connect Technology (PlanetPress Connect / PReS Connect) provides a toolbox to produce and send highly personalised communications, no matter what distribution mode used: print, web, email or SMS. Document related processes can be automated and the multi-channel output capabilities mean that you can communicate via your customer’s preferred medium.

The modules that make up this very powerful toolbox includes:

  • The DataMapper, the link to your data systems, for easy and intuitive data models extraction and creation.
  • The Designer, to create data-driven HTML communications that can be used in digital format or for printing (thanks to HTML5, CSS and JavaScript standards). This tool allows alternating from one communication format to another i.e. print and email and sharing content and images, so that, in the end, the work is done only once.
  • The Workflow tool, known and loved by existing PlanetPress users, allows the automation of any process related to customer or transactional communications.

An excellent bridge between systems
This new technology has the same philosophy with its predecessor –PlanetPress– and will easily integrate into existing systems organisations have in place. This means that minimal investment in IT infrastructure or consultation costs will be required.

Enhanced printing
With OLTM Connect it is possible to totally personalise printed outputs while enjoying advanced page layout capabilities and dynamic tools creation (tables, charts, etc.). It is also possible to connect to mass-mailing applications and add barcodes and scan marks.

Native HTML for digital
Thanks to the powerful Designer tool, there’s no need to convert anything into HTML. The software creates communications directly by using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, thereby providing new possibilities for optimal and interactive email or Web communications but allows to easily create printing formats with the same resources.

The Benefits
In the end, Connect users will experience a reduction of their costs, an enhancement of their communication channels as well as better operational flexibility while gaining clients’ acceptance and trust.

What’s New?

  • The logic driven Data Mapper allows you to quickly and easily manipulate data, creating a data model specific to that job which means that job set up times are reduced and more effective saving you time.
  • Using one set of resources you only need one tool to produce print, interactive and HTML emails, publish to web which means that you can communicate with your customers how they want*
  • You can preview your document design in multi-channel formats whilst designing it which means that for example, you can see exactly what your communication will look like when received on a particular brand of smartphone.
  • New Designer is even more user-friendly for novice users and has detailed features for advanced users (JavaScript) which means that even users with no technical experience can create a document design.
  • You can capture CSS definitions from a webpage and use it within your document which means that your document will instantly take on the corporate branding colours, font, etc
  • It has an option for AFP/IPDS which means that you can dramatically increase your output speeds.
  • The Print preset function saves your set up configuration so for repeat jobs you just select the preset you need reducing set up time
  • Variable and conditional images, text sections, text colours and styles give you the flexibility to personalise further
  • Royal Mail Markmark Barcode Ready
  • Create tables and graphs within the designer
  • Drive mail inserters with OMR and barcodes