Depending on your objectives, we can help your organisation educate, inform, entertain or drive sales through engaging visual experiences.

Wireless Presentation Solutions

Wireless presentation solutions allow you to connect your laptop or mobile device to a main screen wirelessly, so you can easily share content. Eliminate the need to mess around with wires or to ask everyone to gather around your device to view what’s on your screen. These ‘plug and play’ solutions offer minimum complexity for maximum impact, and transform meetings into a complete sharing experience.

Students taking notes whist engaging in a Wireless Presentation

ClickShare wireless presentation systems offer a seamless, user-friendly and hassle-free experience. You can share presentations in an easy and straightforward way, without having to worry about wires, cables and adapters.

ClickShare from Barco helps you ensure your teams are working in close partnership; facilitating enhanced collaboration and allowing for the easier sharing of knowledge and expertise – as well as saving unnecessary time and effort.

DisplayNote Montage

With DisplayNote Montage, you can wirelessly share content from a laptop/phone/tablet to a meeting room display. One click is all it takes until you’re wirelessly presenting. Any attendee can share their screen without the need to pass cables, swap dongles or remove anyone else from the session.

DisplayNote Montage supports dual network connectivity and enables collaboration among users on primary and guest networks. It works securely with any network configuration, including corporate Wi-Fi, guest Wi-Fi, mobile data, a hotspot or any combination.

With a dedicated app for guests and extended browser support, your guests can also connect and present as easily as you do. DisplayNote Montage comes with content sharing tools that makes meeting room collaboration even easier. During a session, attendees can share video, links and files with each other without ever having to leave the app.


Ideal for any meeting space, such as conference rooms, huddle spaces or classrooms, the Mersive Solstice platform allows you to spend less time setting up and more time collaborating. The platform offers a wireless presentation experience that puts content at the centre of every meeting. It supports the key elements of every meeting: client devices, content and productivity apps, room displays and peripherals, and cloud services (e.g. scheduling, video conferencing and digital signage). Attendees can bring in any combination of the above and experience the optimal team collaboration every time.

Solstice increases productivity by allowing any number of users on any device to wirelessly share and manipulate content on displays, and seamlessly connect to remote participants using any web conferencing service. As a cloud solution, it allows organisations to centrally manage, analyse, and upgrade deployments of any size.


The Airtame 2 is a digital signage and wireless presentation device designed for all kinds of professional environments. Ideal for education and businesses that value reliability and flexible functionality, due to its ease of use and cloud management. Content from your computer or mobile device can be shared to a single screen or multiple displays. Share a single window, document or app to keep presenter notes private. Control the sound on your display from your personal device.

With AirTame, you can create tailored digital signage: display images, websites, schedules, room agendas, digital menu boards, project progress and more.

Video Conferencing

The modern workplace is dependant on teamwork and collaboration, and with many employees geographically dispersed, video conferencing tools help teams optimise their day-to-day interactions  and easily meet regardless of location.

Adopting collaboration solutions like secure video conferencing, enables users to place calls via a web browser, desktop, mobile, or video device. Users can transmit live video during a video conference to provide much-needed visual interactions with colleagues.

Adding a visual component to meetings leads to increased team engagement both during and after meetings. Video enables users to see non-verbal cues that can be missing from audio-only calls and provides enlightening insights into conversations.

Meeting illustrating a video conference  between colleagues collaborating over the internet
Huddly IQ

Huddly IQ is an AI-powered conference camera, designed for huddle rooms and other smaller workspaces. With its  HD 150° ultra-wide-angle video, Genius Framing to detect and frame people in its field of view, and optional 5-element microphone array, Huddly IQ ensures that everyone is seen and heard.

Huddly IQ delivers a video meeting experience like no other, and works on all communication platforms like Meet, Teams, and Zoom. It is USB-powered and suitable for desktop and laptop, Mac and PC.

Polycom Studio X Series

The Poly Studio X Series All-In-One 4K Video Bar allows you to talk in huddle or conference rooms through a single, sleek device with built in speakers and microphone array. No need for a laptop or mobile device, the video bar allows you to connect to nearly any video collaboration software, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

NEC Collaborative Sound Bar

The NEC Collaboration Soundbar provides a universal conferencing solution for smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces. This collaboration solution is designed to fit your meeting scenario, whilst perfectly fulfilling your needs for a powerful and scalable workspace. With a built in video conference camera, microphones and speakers, it allows you to enhance your display with audio and video capability for conferencing and collaboration.


The HuddleSHOT All-in-One Conferencing Camera with integrated audio is designed especially for huddle spaces. Ideal for video collaboration sessions: its ultra-wide 125° horizontal FOV gets everyone in the picture, even in the smallest areas.

HuddleSHOT provides crisp, natural 1080p/60 resolution and clear audio quality for enhanced collaboration on both ends of a call. The two integrated speakers with wide dynamic range give conference room participants robust stereo sound.  And with two built-in microphones with echo cancellation, participant’s voices can be detected from up to 4 metres away.

Plug and play simplicity makes it easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to use. It works with all major cloud-based conferencing applications including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, and others.

Interactive Displays

The large, reach out and touch displays, are equipped with a versatile range of features to make meetings interactive and seamless. Users can access documents and applications as they do from their desktop, combined with useful meeting features like digital whiteboards, zooming in, digital clipboards and remote annotation and editing.

Whether the meeting is taking place in a meeting room or with remote participants, everyone has the opportunity to collaborate on the screen. Combined with video conferencing software it is a powerful tool for remote collaboration.

Two colleagues working together while sharing information on an Interactive Screen
Interactive Screens

Smart, innovative, interactive solutions enhance collaborative working, from single large format solutions to interactive video walls. They can support numerous applications including video conferencing, interactive lectures and presentations as well as interactive infotainment.

With a number of Touch technologies; from Infrared to PCAP offering multi-touch from 10 point to 80 simultaneous touch points, there is a solution for any application.

Interactive Tables

Touch interactive tables are designed for a number of uses from early years’ learning environments such as nurseries and primary schools to collaborative idea sharing.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the screens feature 10 point capacitive touch with toughened glass ensuring safety first. The tilting mechanism ensures the table is universally accessible. Available with or without a built in battery which provides up to 8 hours use from a full charge, making the table truly mobile.

Content Management Systems

Cloud-based digital signage platforms empower you to inform, engage and converse with your audience. Dynamic and engaging content can easily be created and updated at the touch of a button, or scheduled in advance. You can create an incredible variety of content at once, from IPTV to news channels, social media feeds and photographs to videos. You can put everything you need onto the same screen, at the same time in one cohesive display.

Remove the need for additional costs of re-printing promotional displays, and modernise the image of your company or space, whilst connecting with your audience more positively.

Content Management Systems within a control centre environment

SignStix is a cloud-based interactive digital signage platform, which allows you to create, manage and deploy digital content, video, and interactive applications with ease, across any environment. This includes content on digital billboards, digital street furniture, digital transit and digital place-based display. 

In addition to offering a canvas for unlimited ‘on the go’ advertising in public places or specific commercial locations, Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) media helps to target customers and/or audiences more efficiently.

The platform provides you with everything you need to build engaging digital signage campaigns, interactive experiences and automated communications.


NowSignage is a cloud-based digital signage CMS (content management system) which is applicable to ALL vertical markets. All of its class-leading features are fully available out-of-the-box.

Subscription-based, NowSignage provides unlimited access to all current features, as well as full access to any new features that are rolled out in the future.

Unlike many digital signage CMS platforms on the market, NowSignage is not hardware based – it’s a pure-play, software system.

Digital Displays

Take control of your visual communications with Large Format Displays, for flexible communications in any setting, screen sizes range from 32” to 98” offering either 16/7 or 24/7 signage in full HD or Ultra HD.

Multiple tiled displays combined make a Video Wall for creating and delivering impactful communications. Indoor/ Outdoor LED Panels/ Tiles can take your visual displays to the next level where you dictate the size of your screen.

Applications are endless from Corporate, Education, Retail, Hospitality, Stadia, Transport and Logistics.

Business colleagues discussing graphs on screen in meeting room
Large Format Displays

Large Format Displays (LFD) are the perfect introduction to the world of professional digital signage and visual communication, ideal in the education, corporate or meeting space. They bring great performance and dependable quality into your meeting room, classroom or retail space, and meet all your needs, seamlessly.

Robust, 16/7- and 24/7-ready digital displays provide consistent and reliable performance with sizes from 40” up to 98” with resolutions up to 4K, allowing for an impressive display of your engaging content.

High Brightness Displays

Connecting with customers has never been smarter or brighter. The High Brightness Displays offer a maximum brightness of 2700cd/m², which will capture viewers with a stunning visual experience.

High reliability and a stable image quality are guaranteed by the selection of professional grade components and an intelligent thermal management allows for an even heat distribution even under challenging conditions and 24/7 applications.

This type of display is ideal for any heavy-duty digital signage application that requires extremely high brightness levels and sunlight proof operation.

Direct View LED Panels

Outdoor Direct View LED (DVLED) signage solutions are designed to create engaging viewing experiences. DVLED provides vivid colours and is perfect for airports, shopping centres, stadiums, billboards and more. LED modules provide flexibility as they can cover a surface area of any size, and with various pixel pitches you can have displays from Standard Definition to High Definition.

Indoor DVLED display solutions deliver engaging customer experiences through high brightness, vibrancy, and excellent viewing angles. Bezel-free and scalable to virtually any size, these super slim and lightweight panels are easy to install even in the tightest spaces. A premium level product, perfect for delivering luxury brand messaging.

Video Wall Displays

Video wall displays are the mainstay for situational awareness, monitoring and control and are perfect for delivering high impact messaging. They put the operator securely in control when precision visualisation is mission-critical.

Optimised for static and moving content and with high brightness and an anti-reflection haze filter, even in bright environments the content remains crisp and easy to read. Powerful calibration capabilities make installation and set up so simple in achieving perfectly aligned video walls, with the impression of a single large surface canvas.

Ideal for attracting shoppers in retail spaces, entertainment spaces or presenting menu choices, these large modular displays, in different shapes and formations, will help you get your content noticed.

Stretched Displays

Where space is limited but not your message, Stretched/Bartype Displays are the perfect solution.

Delivering space efficient visualisation for constricted environments such as corridors, height restricted ceilings, pillar mounting and retail shelves, Stretched/Bartype Displays offer a distinctive ultra-wide 16:4 screen ratio. High adaptability extends to both landscape and portrait orientation ideal for space-limited areas, yet content creation remains easy and effortless. Content is crisp and clear with compelling readability even in bright ambient light conditions, with high brightness levels combined with an anti-glare surface. Its modern, slim design forms an elegant digital surface which perfectly complements and integrates seamlessly into any environment.

Space efficient digital signage suited to retail environments, transportation hubs, quick service restaurants and all other public areas to effectively maximise previously unusable space, or where space is limited.

Infection Control

Protect employees and customers by helping prevent the spread of contact infection with innovative Zero Touch Solutions: products that are capable of delivering hand hygiene, temperature checking, access control and digital messaging functionalities.

Intelligent LCD Hand Sanitiser stations and iDisplay Thermometers will help invite users back in stores, schools and work, in a cost effective, efficient and safe way.  You can also remotely monitor and control the dispensing of sanitiser. And you can control access to buildings with frontline Infrared Thermometer technology, which enables you to scan users at the point of entry and detect body temperatures which are above normal.

Display Thermometer Solution located on a reception desk
LCD Hand Sanitiser Stations

A unique kiosk, with an LCD screen automatically dispenses foam or gel sanitisers via a built-in IR sensor – clean, safe and completely touch-free, this station helps protect staff, visitors or customers by avoiding cross infection.

Health or company messaging, or instructions at the point of sanitisation, can all be delivered through a built-in CMS which allows you to easily create and manage the content displayed on the screen.


The iDISPLAY Thermometer is designed to instil a sense of trust and safety in people across industries as they re-commence everyday activities, post COVID-19. Outform’s non-contact infrared thermometers will enable organisation to invite users go back in stores, schools, and work, all in a cost-effective, efficient and safe manner.

A touchless, frictionless and accurate method to temperature measurement, the iDISPLAY Thermometer is able to read body temperatures, and alert users and designated associates if a user has a fever, within a matter of seconds. It can also be programmed to include facial recognition to identify known staff and store valuable data.